Rob Banks

I was enlisted in the U.S. Navy for 8 years as an Electronics Technician. Serving on 2 destroyers and one shore command taught me to communicate with multiple types of personalities and how to motivate myself. After my enlistment, I worked at a correctional facility for 3.5 years, then I decided to move into law enforcement. I spent 5 years in law enforcement creating a whole new outlook on customer relations. I moved to Georgia and began packing main parachutes on the weekends to make extra money.

After packing main parachutes for 6 months I decided to get my FAA Parachute Rigger Certification to be more of an asset to the drop zone. I received that certification and have continued my education and training to, and have earned my Master Parachute Rigger certificate. 

In April of 2017, I relocated to DeLand, Florida to follow my dream of opening a full service rigging loft. I have received the gracious opportunity to teach beginning Senior Riggers at Parachute Rigging Institute, working with my mentor, Master Rigger/DPRE Nancy LaRiviere.

The rigger motto is “I will be sure always” and I hold that to the highest level of the meaning. Safety is paramount in this sport and I do not take it lightly. If I can’t find the answer to a specific question I know of several persons who can.

Daniel Brightman

In high school I was attached to the Civil Air Patrol’s 111th Squadron. This was my first introduction to safety standards, and the reasoning behind the requirements of strict safety guidelines for machinery and personnel. I spent a few years working within the restaurant service industry, which helped to reinforce some of the guiding principles that I still adhere to today, such as safety, consistency, and dedication to the task in front of me. 

I entered technical school and become a full-time motorcycle repair specialist. I was offered an R&D position at a testing facility for new components, where I worked closely with engineers and was required to develop detailed reports of component function, fit, design, and most importantly safety. In 2013 began training for and received my skydiving A-license. There was an immediate addiction to the sport and I quickly earned additional licenses and ratings. Today, I hold USPA D-license, along with a Coach and Regional Wingsuit Judge ratings. 

Parachute rigging was a natural direction for me to take, as my background is heavily oriented towards safety and technical aspect of anything I have been involved in. As a an FAA Senior Rigger it is technical and detail oriented work that feeds perfectly into my safety background. I am able to be hands on with various types of gear, and stay within a community that I have fallen in love with. I am very proud to take care of fellow skydivers, as keeping people safe has become a staple of my life.

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